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The Japan Times
· Shimabara marks 29 years since deadly volcanic disaster  
The victims included reporters who continued working despite the evacuation order, taxi drivers, police officers, firefighters and local residents.
The China Post
· ‘Eyes are on you:’ Minneapolis neighbors band to stand guard  
She said she and her husband stayed up keeping watch Friday because they felt no police or firefighters would respond.
· Two firefighters killed in Argentina perfume shop blast  
Two firefighters died and another 15 were wounded after two explosions in a perfume shop in Buenos Aires Tuesday as they were trying to extinguish a blaze, the emergency services said.
The New York Times
· Trump Deploys the Full Might of Federal Law Enforcement to Crush Protests  
“It’s like sending the firefighters in for a police call,” he said.
The Age
· A tough case to crack: Marc Fennell's nut theft investigation  
Fennell interviews firefighters dealing with post traumatic stress and family members helping a loved one with mental health issues, amongst others, all with the guidance of Dr Grant Blashki of Beyond Blue.
The New York Times
· New York City’s Curfew: What You Need to Know  
The people exempt from the curfew are the ones you would expect: police and peace officers, firefighters, emergency medical workers and technicians, anyone seeking medical treatment or supplies, and anyone performing or traveling to or from essential work, like food delivery, transit and health care.
Al Jazeera
· Paris police brutality protest turns violent  
French protesters took a knee and raised their fists while firefighters struggled to extinguish multiple blazes as a largely peaceful, multiracial demonstration degenerated into scattered tensions.