“Flame” in the news

Example collocations

eternal flame
old flame

Publications and example sentences

· Houston police make 200 arrests, chief thanks 'peaceful' protesters  
Hundreds of people rallied outside the White House, while in New York a police department van was engulfed in flames.
The Atlantic
· The Utter Incoherence of Trump’s Battle With Twitter  
The point of the order is to stoke the flames of a culture war, distract from Trump’s catastrophic mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his dismantling of democracy, and attempt to regroup from the glancing blow Twitter dealt to Trump’s seemingly lifelong immunity from criticism or consequences.
· George Floyd's Minneapolis death, Derek Chauvin's arrest and the 'Minnesota nice' myth  
What I want Americans to realize when they watch those images on TV is that they represent far more than the sum of the flames.
· Watch: Fury unfolds at protests across the country  
Several storefront windows were broken, small fires set throughout downtown, and a bank was in flames by 11 o’clock.