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The New York Times
· Andrew Cuomo Ascends to the Mountaintop With His Pandemic Poster  
Upon Death Mountain appear various telltale emblems of the health emergency: New Rochelle, site of the state’s first infection cluster, has been rendered as a generic flame, next to a little “Sorry We’re Closed” clip art.
The New York Times
· Seeing Native Americans Nowhere, and Everywhere  
I like the fact that Elvis Presley made two bad movies [“Stay Away Joe” and “Flaming Star”] in which he played Native Americans.
The Independent
· F-16 fighter jet pilot ejects from crash landing in Air Force's eighth major incident in recent months  
Also on 8 June, a C-130H Hercules cargo plane overshot the runway in Iraq and burst into flames after hitting a wall.
The New York Times
· Three Marines, Now a Focus of Russian Bounties Investigation, Show the Costs of an Endless War  
The powerful blast blew up a heavily armored troop carrier, engulfing it in flames.
The China Post
· Navy sees progress against blaze on warship in San Diego Bay  
Some 400 sailors along with Navy helicopters and local and federal firefighters poured water on the carrier-like ship, which erupted in flames Sunday morning.
· Asmoke's portable pellet grill is super affordable and great for small spaces  
A stainless steel grease slide installs over the cup where pellets are driven by the auger to burn and smoke, and a second slide goes over that – giving you the ability to keep it closed for smoking and grilling, or opening it up to allow flame through for char-broiling.
The Guardian
· MasterChef Australia 2020: fave contestants get close to crunch time – as it happened  
Three of your favourite chefs got called up to the flame.
The Atlantic
· Facebook’s Pandemic Feuds Are Getting Ugly  
It’s a controlled blaze, the perfect size for roasting a hot dog—which someone is doing, holding it above the flame on a metal skewer.
The New York Times
· Why We’re Losing the Battle With Covid-19  
“Lots of local health departments finally came online in those years,” Hearne says, “and some great pilot programs were launched that tried to integrate chronic-disease prevention and pandemic preparedness.” But most efforts flamed out by mid-decade, once the specter of bioterrorism faded.