“Flee” in the news

Example collocations

attempted to flee
flee the country
forced to flee
managed to flee
tried to flee

Publications and example sentences

· Militants target Burkina Faso market, aid convoy in deadly attacks  
Hundreds have been killed in the past year in the Sahel nation, and moer than half a million people have fled their homes due to the violence, which has also fuelled ethnic and religious tensions.
The New York Times
· Hurricane Season Collides With the Coronavirus  
Some open their homes, businesses and neighborhoods to people fleeing from the storms projected to hit the state’s southern coasts.
The New York Times
· Nazi or Hero? Historian Looks at the Stories a German Consultant Told of His Father  
Mr. Wolffsohn said that Georg Berger played no role in stealing Jewish property and, on the contrary, had tried to protect the interests of the former owners of the bakery, who were members of a Jewish family who had fled to Switzerland.
Seeking Alpha
· Stocks Still Have A Key Upside Catalyst  
As is typical of the weeks and months following a market panic, investors have fled risk assets and have instead run to the safety of cash and sovereign bonds despite the relative attractiveness of stocks.
· Football: Man City's Mahrez has watches worth £300,000 stolen  
The two knife-wielding masked intruders then fled from his home in leafy Hadley Wood.
· “I Have Never Been Fired at By Police Until Tonight” – Journalists Covering Protests Find They Too Are Targets  
Hennessy-Fiske described how she and her photographer, Carolyn Cole, had to flee the oncoming police when they marched toward protestors, seeking shelter from what seemed to be a violent confrontation in the making.
The Age
· Thousands of us have suffered severe stress  
There's no comparison with the ordeal of the refugees who have fled poverty and violence and have been in isolation for up to seven years.
The China Post
· Many states scrambling to update hurricane plans for virus  
The big unknown: Where will people fleeing storms go?