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foil event
foil events
individual foil
team foil
team foil event

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The Age
· The UK is playing a dangerous game with China as trade tensions bubble  
That like-minded nations of liberal values and comparable living standards should group together like this presents an interesting foil to China, as well as the potential to develop fairer forms of trade and more reliable international supply chains.
Washington Post
· U.S. Steel Companies Got Nearly $500M in Small Business Loans  
• Aluminum companies, including primary aluminum production, secondary smelting and alloying of aluminum, and aluminum sheet, plate and foil manufacturing, got at least $153.99 million
Al Jazeera
· US Army soldier pleads not guilty in neo-Nazi attack plot  
The plot was foiled in late May, and Melzer was arrested on June 10, they added.
Sports Illustrated
· Donald Trump Clearly Has a Thing For Bubba Wallace  
In that way, the president is looking for the next foil, and it’s increasingly likely that a president who can’t give up a played-out strategy may very well target Bubba Watson and a non-story from here until November.
The New York Times
· ‘He’s Buying up Brixton’: Beloved Grocer’s Eviction Sparks Gentrification Fight  
In the Nour campaign, anti-gentrification activists found a seemingly perfect foil in Taylor McWilliams, Hondo’s chief executive.
The Diplomat
· The Philippines Anti-Terrorism Act: Who Guards the Guardians?  
Between July 2018 and November 2019, there were six suicide bombings in the country, with evidence that further waves of bombings were set to take place but were foiled.
The Independent
· 13 best plastic free tea bags to make your brew better for the planet  
Although Clipper has ticked many boxes with its teabag, it's now working on making the inner foil packaging recyclable too.
The Guardian
· Crossword roundup: why stilton can't be made in Stilton  
… even though Epicurus himself was given to such wholesome pronouncements as: “To whom a little is not sufficient, nothing is sufficient”, and: “Of all the means which wisdom acquires to ensure happiness throughout the whole of life, by far the most important is friendship,” making him seem like the kind of person who wouldn’t get through lockdown by getting through a loaf of sourdough and a foil bag of rioja every day.
Scientific American
· On Crazyism, Jerkitude, Garden Snails and Other Philosophical Puzzles  
In a series of fictions, I’ve explored possibilities of group consciousness and cognition hypothetically, imagining cases of group cognition via hypnotic memory induction, via millions of monkeys trading gold foil, and via evolutionary processes among an infinitude of randomly constituted computers.
The Independent
· 11 best gifts for teachers they will actually want  
We love this stylish personalised softback notebook from Martha Brook; choose from real gold, silver or rose gold foil and have it filled with 140 pages of lined or blank white paper as well as an extensive list of hobbies.