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folk music
folk rock
folk singer
folk song
folk songs

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The Age
· Rowing back full circle to a 1970s cult classic album  
On Friday the band head to St Kilda's Memo Music Hall to record a live album, Keep the Circle Unbroken, drawing on the acoustic, folk rock feel of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Washington Post
· Tucker Carlson’s biggest advertiser, the MyPillow guy, doesn’t think Carlson needed to apologize for writer’s hate speech  
Lindell is something of a folk hero in conservative media circles, referred to colloquially as “the MyPillow guy” by supporters who swarm him at political conferences and events.
Seeking Alpha
· Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) CEO Charlie Scharf on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Typically folks like that are going to want to make investments, you're not going to touch the regulatory side.
Sports Illustrated
· Garza Sets Aug. 2 Date For Decision  
“They talked to his teachers, they talked to his AAU folks.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Fernando Garza Highlights and Evaluation  
He’s burying folks.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Laurence Seymore Highlights and Evaluation  
He will transition smoothly inside to guard and will uproot folks at the point of attack.
The Verge
· Watch With Friends brings remote Netflix watch parties to Apple TV and Roku devices  
With move theaters shuttered and folks still stuck at home due to the pandemic, remote viewing party services have shot up in popularity, letting friends and family members sync up movies and TV shows from their own homes.
· TikTok users create fake 'safety calls' to help protect each other IRL  
I'm a human being who just wants people to live in peace and these folks are scared.
The New York Times
· Seeing Native Americans Nowhere, and Everywhere  
There was a range of opinion, but a lot of people saw these Sioux folks, these Cheyenne folks, as wonderful Americans.