Follow en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

did not follow No siguió
follow suit Seguir el ejemplo
follow the same Seguir lo mismo
follow up Seguimiento
not follow No seguir

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
WHEN JOE AND KATY KINDRED opened their eponymous restaurant in Davidson, N.C., 8 months ago, they figured they’d slowly develop a local following.
The Independent
· Second federal execution in 17 years delayed after prisoner claims dementia  
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The Independent
· Emirates Mars Mission postponed indefinitely due to bad weather  
The UAE's launch was initially scheduled for Tuesday, 14 July, before being pushed back to the following Friday.
Financial Express
· Mukesh Ambani invites startups to work with Jio; offers market access, tech development, capital, more  
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Financial Express
· Non–exemption declaration for foreign students: Rescinded by Trump govt, what it means  
Johns Hopkins and 20 other colleges in Washington, Arizona and California followed and sued too.
· Spain blackfly plague: Huge swarm engulfs Madrid - fears invasion will spread  
And, following Catalonia's lead, a string of regions introduced compulsory mask use at all times, regardless of whether social-distancing can be guaranteed.
· China row: Beijing lashes out at EU and UK over 'unhelpful scapegoating' as tensions erupt  
The message comes following the UK Government's decision to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from British networks.
· British slave trader statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester  
LONDON — If one moment captured the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the U.K. following George Floyd's death, it was of demonstrators tearing down a statue of slave trader Edward Colston and throwing it into Bristol harbor.
The Guardian
· First Thing: Trump juked the stats over police killing black Americans  
Donald Trump has once again stoked racial divisions after telling a CBS interviewer that “more white people” than black are killed by US police, in his answer to a question about the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests over police brutality and racism that followed.