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· The Mystery Surrounding Grace Kelly's Death  
Initially, there were rumors that Stephanie — who survived the accident and suffered a broken collarbone and ribs, as well as cervical fractures — might have been driving even though she was underage and unlicensed.
The New York Times
· She Accused a Coach of Abuse. Then More Than 30 Gymnasts Backed Her Up  
And within six months of being coached by McClain, she said, she developed an eating disorder that led to stress fractures in her hip and back.
The Guardian
· Dinara Safina: 'Being world No 1 is not fun, it is the opposite'  
It takes just one question – about whether she would return to the sport if not for the stress fractures in her back – to understand that for everything she did, she never actually managed to reach either of those simple goals she set years ago.
The New York Times
· Is It Safe to Keep Employing a Cleaner? Wrong Question, Lady  
This pandemic has revealed just how pronounced the class fractures in our society are.
· Commentary: Can Vitamin D protect you from COVID-19? There may be something to it  
In fact, monthly or annual Vitamin D supplementation has sometimes had unexpected side effects, such as increased risk of falls and fractures, where Vitamin D was administered to protect against these outcomes.