Fugitive trong tin tức

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fugitive slave Nô lệ chạy trốn
fugitive slaves Nô lệ chạy trốn

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Washington Post
· Up next for police defunding advocates: Win local elections  
Byrd made clear that she wants Americans to understand local policing’s roots in enforcing everything from fugitive slave laws before the abolishment of slavery to the Jim Crow segregation laws that followed abolition.
The Age
· Family split in two as border clampdown wreaks havoc on returning WA residents  
“We feel like fugitives on the run ... it’s being in limbo and what concerns us now is that it’s taken so long we may get caught in New South Wales if cases escalate and they decide to shut here down.
Liverpool Echo
· Merseyside's most wanted who are still out there after fugitive caught 16 years on  
But he is not the only Merseyside fugitive who has been on the books of police and National Crime Agency (NCA) investigators for many years.
· Poland police hunt for fugitive ex-soldier and his puma  
But the fugitives have won support in some quarters.
· International courts 'more needed than ever', 25 years after Srebrenica  
Despite recent political changes in Sudan, the court's most wanted fugitive and former Khartoum strongman Omar al-Bashir remains out of reach.