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density function Función de densidad
distribution function Función de distribución
main function Función principal
primary function Función primaria
wave function Función de onda

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· Uber lets some California drivers set their own prices  
OAKLAND, Calif. — On Thursday, Uber expanded the number of California cities where drivers can set their own rates as a function of the company’s price “multiplier” — used in Uber’s so-called “surge” pricing.
Liverpool Echo
· Stamp duty, half price meals and thousands in vouchers: how government is trying to boost economy  
The lockdown has left many industries struggling to function as normal due to regulations to enforce social distancing.
The Guardian
· New SBS chair to mull what white men can and can't do  
I would refer you on to a colleague, except that the entire ABC community engagement function has ceased to exist.
The New York Times
· Bolivia President, Jeanine Añez, Tests Positive for Coronavirus  
But her infection could further complicate Bolivia’s tense political situation because Ms. Añez has no clearly identified deputy who could assume her functions if she becomes seriously ill.
Seeking Alpha
· Park Aerospace Corp (PKE) CEO Brian Shore on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
So then Q3, Q4, that's really going to be a function of when this crossover point happens, and we don't know that.
Washington Post
· A CoCo Bond That Wants to Save the World  
But this equity-type capital performs a particular function in supporting the banking system: Regulators know these investors will have to bear some of the brunt if things go wrong.
Washington Post
· Report blames prosecutor missteps in botched NYC convictions  
Errors across the board, it concludes, “could have been avoided by the more faithful exercise of law enforcement functions, greater skepticism in investigations, discretion in prosecution and diligence in defense.”
Seeking Alpha
· Saratoga Investment Corp (SAR) CEO Christian Oberbeck on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Were these credits, where Knowland or C2, were they of that 10% bucket or roughly 10% bucket that was downgraded on your internal metrics or can you maybe touch on what other companies if not those, you know that you had downgraded internally and if it's more again just a function of near term headwinds given that the human interaction needed for these businesses or if it's reflecting longer term outlooks for some of these companies?
The Independent
· Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's parents received $1-$2m in PPP loans for company, despite having more than 100 employees  
It is the basic function of government agencies to compile lists of recipients of federal funds, and reporters request that information as a watchdog function to ensure the federal government is using taxpayer funds in ethical ways.
· An Enzyme That Increases With Exercise Can Improve Memory In Mice, And Maybe People  
Mice that exercise produce more of an enzyme that can improve memory and other brain functions.