“Fury” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Defending Cummings: questions answered - and skirted over  
Boris Johnson’s support of his chief adviser’s travelling during lockdown omitted key facts and sparked further fury
The Guardian
· In the fight against coronavirus, there can't be one rule for people like Dominic Cummings, and another for everyone else  
It’s no surprise then, that news the prime minister’s chief adviser travelled from London to Durham with his family while lockdown measures were in place has set off a wave of fury.
The Guardian
· Knocking down barriers through boxing – photo essay  
With world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury frequently advocating the value of boxing and fitness towards his own mental health, the connection with boxing and emotional health has never been stronger.
The Guardian
· I'm a big sci-fi fan, but Covid? Too far-fetched  
I suffer from fury.
The Guardian
· Sex, lies and despair: unseen letters reveal Larkin's tortured love  
Previously unpublished letters, however, reveal the full extent of her fury, fears and frustrations over a painful four-decade-long partnership with the man who wrote some of the most cherished verse in the English language.
The Independent
· ‘This is the right time for Snowpiercer’: Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris on the re-release of the dystopian classic  
His familiar, gravelly voice bounces off the walls of the engine room, bringing a sudden sense of calm within all the fury.
The Guardian
· Covid-19 has changed everything. Now we need a revolution for a born-again world  
Where is the fury, the public outrage?
The Guardian
· The Observer view on the failure to secure a global ceasefire during the pandemic  
“The fury of the virus illustrates the folly of war,” Guterres said.
The Japan Times
· Tyson Fury hopes to ‘give fans what they want’ with Anthony Joshua showdown  
Tyson Fury said he was eager to give British boxing fans what they want by fighting Anthony Joshua for the undisputed world heavyweight title but he said the duo must focus on their immediate opponents to make such a match happen.
The New York Times
· Contact Tracing for Coronavirus Is Harder Than It Sounds  
It recommends memorizing catchphrases to use during calls such as “I hear you” and “This is a difficult time.” That is, the kinds of canned responses that might send someone into a blind fury when calling tech support.