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garment industry

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Malay Mail
· Virus lockdowns stifle Aidilfitri celebrations as infections rise  
“This feast is for the kids, and if they can’t celebrate it with new garments, there is no point in us working so hard throughout the year.”
Financial Express
· Covid-19 effect: Time for Made-in-India tag to go global  
As per CARE Ratings 2019, India is projected to lose market share to Bangladesh and Vietnam for readymade garment exports to the EU because of lower competitiveness, as Bangladesh has duty-free access to the EU.
The Independent
· This Eid, technology will ease loneliness and bring people together online. But not for all Muslims  
Muslim garment workers in Bangladesh face no pay and the prospect of begging for food following Western retail giants cancelling hundreds of millions of pounds worth of orders.
Financial Express
· Hassle-free corona protection! New design by CeNS to let people speak easily with masks  
Furthermore, CeNS has sent this technology to Camellia Clothing Ltd which is a Bangalore based garment company, to produce and sell these masks.
The New York Times
· The Artisans Behind Italian Fashion Tremble at Their Future  
Until recently, some of most intricately embroidered fabrics in the world, like those found in garments designed by Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Etro and Prada, have come out of a duplex apartment complex in Milan, the home of a small business called Pino Grasso Ricami.
The New York Times
· Is the Wedding Off? (For Now?) Here’s What to Do Next.  
“Before storing it flat in a cloth garment bag, wrap the gown in acid-free paper.
Al Jazeera
· Fashion turns to technology to tailor sustainable solutions  
But waste is a problem throughout the fashion supply chain, with significant numbers of garments never even making it to the shop floor.
The New York Times
· 9 Splashy Masks to Try On  
The tween fashion line Jeune Otte, which launched in Chicago last fall, has created an array of masks for smaller faces using fabrics, like dotted chiffon, left over from their garments; other versions are cut from a Liberty of London floral and gray chambray.
The Guardian
· A lost childhood home, magic mushrooms and arty face masks – the week in art  
KimonoThe iconic Japanese garment has inspired artists and fashion designers for centuries and now you can explore its history in a curator’s tour of this V&A exhibition cut short by the pandemic.• V&A, London
Malay Mail
· Hari Raya Aidilfitri shopping rush across Asia despite Covid-19 risk  
“This feast is for the kids, and if they can’t celebrate it with new garments there is no point in us working so hard throughout the year.”