“Gather” in the news

Example collocations

gather around
gather information
gather intelligence
gather together
people gather

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Publications and example sentences

Technology Org
· Building a Better Battery—Faster.  
Through the consortium, researchers gathered enough experimental data on high energy lithium-metal batteries to ‘train’ the machine learning engine that runs the software.
Sports Illustrated
· Virginia Tech Extends Offer to 2022 4-Star Safety Myles Rowser  
The Virginia Tech coaching staff is hard at work, continuing to gather talent for the 2021 recruiting class.
The Guardian
· Suspension of Eurostar ski train ‘disastrous’ say no-fly campaigners  
We’re going to gather the entire ski industry as one voice and ask Eurostar to rethink.”
Washington Post
· The Health 202: Why determining the coronavirus death rate is so tricky  
However, the evidence needs to be gathered and interpreted.”
Financial Express
· Delhi riots: Two employees of suspended AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain two are the key witnesses against him  
“In the afternoon, they saw several persons gathered at the ground floor of the house of Tahir Hussain and he was talking with them in a very secretive manner and accused Shah Alam, Irshad, Abid, Arshad Pradhan, Rashid and Shadab were also present there along with other unknown persons,” the charge sheet said.
Malay Mail
· Govt approves RM600 special aid for school bus drivers nationwide  
He said he had met with several major associations of school bus operators in a dialogue on May 14 to gather their feedback for further action as they form one of the many groups that MOT had been attempting to help.
The Wall Street Journal
· A Summer Festival for Cash-Flow Forecasters  
It is festival season in Britain, when revelers typically gather in fields to sip beer and listen to music and poetry.
The Age
· 'They'll have an uprising on their hands': the fight to save wild horses  
Connley puts it best: “If you wanted to guess the population of Victoria, you wouldn’t fly over the MCG on grand final day, and extrapolate your numbers from the people gathered on one acre in Melbourne.”
· Despite all the death, 'Shadowlands' is a space for growth in 'World of Warcraft'  
To improve my relationship with them, I had to head into the deadly Maw and gather resources for them to help them increase their power amidst the turmoil that the Shadowlands are experiencing.
Washington Post
· D.C.’s failed investigation into our son’s death is a tragedy. So we conducted our own.  
In fact, a D.C. police report in February 2017, utilizing our findings, concluded that “a criminal offense occurred” and stated that based upon witness testimony “the punch that hit Casey was only believed to be ‘in defense of another’ by [the perpetrator] and by no one else.” Nevertheless, the prosecutors rejected police requests for subpoenas to gather more evidence and the D.C. police silently abandoned their responsibilities again.