“Generation” in the news

Example collocations

first generation
new generation
next generation
power generation
second generation

Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· What's Known–and What Isn't Yet–About MLS's Return-Plan Tournament  
Commissioner Don Garber acknowledged it during a conference call with reporters this week, saying, “Unlike the other leagues, their fan bases are deeply mature and have been around for generations.
Japan Today
· On sad anniversary, few to mourn the D-Day dead in Normandy  
It has also affected the younger generations who turn out every year to mark the occasion.
· How 7 Black Mothers Are Talking to Their Children About the Protests  
“This is an interesting question...I have grown-up children and I’m African-American...so for me, for us, we have been talking about how we have known, for generations, the brutality of America when it comes to Black and Brown bodies.
The Economist
· Checks and Balance: “Checks and Balance”—our weekly podcast on American politics  
Americans will now be delivering a verdict on a transformative president amid the gravest crisis for generations.
Sports Illustrated
· Why Clayton Kershaw’s Postseason Record Will Not Affect His Hall of Fame Chances  
While the Dodgers ace might be the greatest pitcher of his generation in the regular season, with a 169-74 win-loss record, 2.44 ERA, and 65.4 WAR, it’s often a different story for him come playoff time.
The New York Times
· Selling Toilet Paper and Paper Towels During the Pandemic  
Joey Bergstein, the chief executive of Seventh Generation, has focused on meeting a surge in demand for his company’s products.
The Guardian
· Country Australia losing its voice: 'There wouldn't be a journalist within cooee'  
As Coral Davies puts it, the paper folded “a generation too soon”.
The Guardian
· Australia's record-breaking three decades of economic growth grinds into reverse  
Since then, the country has enjoyed a run of 29 years of uninterrupted economic growth, fuelled by China’s apparently insatiable demand for coal and iron ore, that put the memory of recession, unemployment queues and boarded-up shopping strips beyond the reach of an entire generation.
The Guardian
· The heart aching in me wants collective action. It calls for truth speaking  
Preceding reconciliation week in Australia was National Sorry Day, a day of healing, held to remember the mistreatment of our nation’s First Peoples and particularly those harmed in the stolen generations.
The New York Times
· Why Black Lives Matter Has New Momentum  
This is the biggest collective demonstration of civil unrest around state violence in our generation’s memory.