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genetic diversity Genetik çeşitlilik
genetic engineering Genetik mühendisliği
genetic material Genetik materyal
genetic testing Genetik test
genetic variation Genetik çeşitlilik

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· Coronavirus may force the U.S. intelligence community to rethink how it does its job  
One example: The agency is interested in technology that could diagnose COVID-19 through a quick breath test that could be deployed at airports and tools for tracking the virus through monitoring genetic material in wastewater.
The Japan Times
· A melodious medley of tabloid treats  
Telejournalist Jiro Shinbo, writing in Flash (May 5), echoed a number of hypotheses suggesting the possibility of demographic, cultural and possibly even genetic factors that served to limit the spread.
The Japan Times
· The more COVID-19 vaccines, the merrier  
Others might get vaccines based on emerging technologies that use synthetic versions of the virus’s genetic code.
· White House compares Trump-Churchill leadership styles, and historians scoff  
Churchill supported the British Eugenics Society, a group that believed in improving humanity by the reproduction of those perceived the fittest or with desirable genetic traits, Dockter said.
Seeking Alpha
· The Market Speaks: 3 Mega Trends Are Happening  
The focus on Covid could lead to a genetic engineering/immunotherapy revolution that could dramatically change our society.
Seeking Alpha
· Progenity Begins U.S. IPO Effort  
The firm provides a range of genetic diagnostic testing services in North America.
The Independent
· Mining firm ‘knew significance’ of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal caves before blowing site up  
The mining giant was first granted approval for work at the Brockman 4 iron ore project in 2013, but archaeological excavation in 2014 recovered around 7,000 ancient artefacts including grinding stones, a bone sharpened into a tool and a 4,000-year-old braided hair belt, analysis of which revealed a direct genetic link between the PKKP today, and the prehistoric cave-dwelling population.
· China revels in US protests, sees unrest as PR opportunity  
Concerns over Beijing’s handling of the outbreak and its hold on the World Health Organization (WHO) and other UN agencies resurfaced this week when the Associated Press reported Tuesday that China failed to share the genetic map of the virus more than a week after it was decoded.
The New York Times
· Beautiful Places to Die  
Genetic testing was a self-regulating industry,” we learn, with “virtually no government oversight and regulation.” No wonder scary customers like the Shrike find it so easy to score legitimate DNA research and use it to stake out prospective victims.
Seeking Alpha
· OncoCyte: Already A Commercial Stage Company With Enormous Revenue Potential  
On the other hand, we have the data of two liquid biopsy tests that are currently being marketed for the late-stage cancer (phase III and IV) that determine the ideal treatment after analyzing the genetic information of the patients.