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genre scenes Tür sahneleri
horror genre Korku türü
music genre Müzik tarzı
musical genre Müzik tarzı
new genre Yeni tür

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· The 17 best documentaries on YouTube to entertain and teach you  
Whether you're in the mood for an awe-inspiring nature movie or a true crime spectacle for the ages, YouTube's documentary lineup includes some of the most superior works in the genre.  Copy example sentence
The Atlantic
· Variation on the Word Sleep  
But her writing over the past six decades has been prolific and her subject matter wide-ranging, unbounded by the genre or the political conversation that have come to define her public image.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Diplo: Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter One: Snake Oil review – country cash-in  
Given that last year’s biggest song (by whatever metric you care to choose) was Lil Nas X‘s country-rap breakout track Old Town Road, it’s perhaps not a surprise that others are hitching their wagons to what was once a niche genre.  Copy example sentence
BBC Sport
· Leah Williamson: Arsenal & England defender five albums for lockdown  
I've been influenced by so many different genres.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· It's what people turn to': Lauren Laverne, Iain Dale and others on why radio is thriving in lockdown  
“It’s there in every genre: rock’n’roll, soul, disco, everything.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· The Vast of Night review – mesmerising retro sci-fi  
Yet as with so many of its genre predecessors, beneath the surface lurks a socioeconomic subtext.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Malaysia's 2020 lockdown and the massive outburst of Raya songs  
They sounded woefully out-of-date, with nothing fresh to add to the genre.  Copy example sentence
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So here, I recommend you a range of five books to read across mixed genres.  Copy example sentence
· Why Am I Suddenly Obsessed With Queer Wedding Stories?  
That said, queer wedding stories—with all the fantasy and froth the genre implies—feel deeply necessary to me right now, at a time when I feel more cut off from my queer identity than ever.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Variety: Puns and Anagrams  
47A, “Dover sole,” sounds like SOUL, a music genre.  Copy example sentence