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genre scenes Cảnh thể loại
horror genre Thể loại kinh dị
music genre Thể loại âm nhạc
musical genre Thể loại nhạc
new genre Thể loại mới

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The Age
· These are Netflix's 10 most popular original movies  
Netflix has scored with genres that once packed movie theatres but now struggle to get time on a release calendar bursting with comic book movies, animated sequels, and low-budget horror.
The Wall Street Journal
· ‘The Secrets She Keeps’ Review: Who to Suspect When You’re Expecting  
The thriller genre has never been short on women who are having babies, had babies, lost babies or want babies.
The New York Times
· Your Thursday Briefing  
We spoke with the director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, the first Black woman to take on such a role for the genre.
· Generative algorithms are redefining the intersection of software and music  
OpenAI recently released a project called JukeBox, which uses the complex raw audio form to help create entirely new music tracks based on a person’s choice of genre, artist and lyrics.
The New York Times
· Can’t Match Netflix? At Least You Can Buy Some British Shows  
But if you look past genre, they have some things in common.
The New York Times
· Country Music Struggles to Meet the Moment. Again.  
In Nashville, only the genre’s outsiders are dipping their toes in essential conversations.
The Diplomat
· K-pop Leads With ‘Contactless’ Concerts  
The development of virtual concerts has not only allowed K-pop to maintain performance as a staple of the genre, but may prove to continue to push the global music industry forward in unexpected ways, as K-pop has done from its onset.
· Strictly Come Dancing star talks being unable to leave house after hitting 'rock bottom'  
“You need someone compassionate, who can give constructive criticism, and someone who thoroughly understands the genre.
The Guardian
· 'I was angry' – Mike Hodges on his lost film Black Rainbow, rescued after 31 years  
In many respects Flash Gordon, which marks its 40th anniversary this year, was a forerunner of the modern superhero genre.
· 'The Sandman': Landmark Comic Series Gets A Rigidly Faithful Audio Drama Adaptation  
But on its way to becoming a sprawling masterpiece of mythic fantasy, the series harbored a nagging tendency, in those early issues especially, to steer into the cheapest trappings of the horror genre in ways that now read so much smaller, less imaginative and, especially in regard to its fascination with serial killers, howlingly dated.