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· The officer who stood by as George Floyd died is Asian American. We need to talk about that.  
“In other words, they expected a geopolitical payoff to recognizing Asian Americans as ‘model citizens,’” Wu said.  Copy example sentence
· Commentary: The US-China relationship just got a lot more complicated  
It is far from clear that the US will subordinate geopolitical rivalry to the vital objectives of containing COVID-19 or safeguarding the world’s largest economy, say Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng.  Copy example sentence
· Commentary: Why some countries rushed to buy gold before coronavirus crash  
Purchasing bullion at close to a seven-year high, and after a month of prices fluctuating plus or minus about 13 per cent, is no particularly prudent way to consolidate economic and geopolitical power.  Copy example sentence
· Commentary: Soon you may be competing with talent globally. The Fortitude Budget is a wake-up call  
The National Jobs Council should be well-placed to point Singaporeans in the right direction in terms of future-proofing their learning and reskilling efforts in the face of geopolitical, economic and social trends on the horizon.  Copy example sentence
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· Hybris Leads To Nemesis: The U.S. Dollar Tragedy  
These geopolitical considerations have far-reaching economic consequences.  Copy example sentence
The Diplomat
· Hun Sen Denies China’s Navy Granted Basing Rights in Cambodia  
Chinese support allows Cambodia to ignore Western concerns about its poor record in human and political rights, and in turn Phnom Penh generally supports Beijing’s geopolitical positions in international forums on issues such as China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.  Copy example sentence
The Diplomat
· COVID-19: The Impact on China-Africa Debt  
Assess the geopolitical implications of Africa’s heavy indebtedness toward China.  Copy example sentence
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· Let's Make Sure This Crisis Doesn't Go To Waste  
Long before this pandemic, Ian was saying the world is in a “geopolitical recession.” The old order has been breaking down without a clear replacement, leaving what he calls a “G-Zero World.”  Copy example sentence
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· Harrison: U.S.-China Relations Will Put A Headwind On Risk Assets - Ed Harrison  
“Nothing is off the table and there’s a lot of volatility in the geopolitical situation going forward.”  Copy example sentence
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· Stocks flat despite U.S.-China tensions, U.S. mass protests  
Meanwhile, China reportedly told major state-run agricultural companies to pause purchases of U.S. soybeans and some other farm goods in an escalation of the geopolitical dispute over Hong Kong's autonomy.  Copy example sentence