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· Let's Make Sure This Crisis Doesn't Go To Waste  
Long before this pandemic, Ian was saying the world is in a “geopolitical recession.” The old order has been breaking down without a clear replacement, leaving what he calls a “G-Zero World.”  Copy example sentence
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· Harrison: U.S.-China Relations Will Put A Headwind On Risk Assets - Ed Harrison  
“Nothing is off the table and there’s a lot of volatility in the geopolitical situation going forward.”  Copy example sentence
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· Stocks flat despite U.S.-China tensions, U.S. mass protests  
Meanwhile, China reportedly told major state-run agricultural companies to pause purchases of U.S. soybeans and some other farm goods in an escalation of the geopolitical dispute over Hong Kong's autonomy.  Copy example sentence
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· How China Compares Internationally In New GDP Figures  
But I would argue that for questions of geopolitical power, it is better to compare national GDPs at actual exchange rates, not PPP exchange rates.  Copy example sentence
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· Top 10 GDX Holdings And Their Mining Jurisdictions  
Often times, it’s this very economic turmoil that leads to the geopolitical risk that can endanger the certainty of particular gold holdings.  Copy example sentence
· Trump's George Floyd protest tweets are pro-police for a reason. Will it work in November?  
And for years, this presidency was characterized as much by Trump’s scandalous personal conduct as it was relative geopolitical stability abroad and growing prosperity at home.  Copy example sentence
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· Thinking Through The Stresses On Emerging Markets  
We also believe China, from our estimates, could be in for a major equity bull market, despite the geopolitical tensions.  Copy example sentence
· Escalating China tensions could become an obstacle for US stock rally  
Paulsen said he believes that geopolitical tensions are likely to hang over markets over the longer term.  Copy example sentence
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· Coronavirus hasn’t killed the global balance of power  
It has shown that some threats cannot be contained without cooperation across geopolitical and ideological lines.  Copy example sentence
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· Weekly Commentary: The Scourge Of 'Whatever It Takes' Monetary Mismanagement  
Festering U.S. social tensions are increasingly coming into full view, while mounting geopolitical stresses are taking an ominous turn for the worse.  Copy example sentence