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gas giant
giant planets
giant slalom
giant star
red giant

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Seeking Alpha
· Amazon gets Street-high target on e-commerce trends  
Days after Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) shares crossed the $3,000 mark for the first time, Citi boosts the e-commerce giant's price target from $2,700 to $3,550.
The China Post
· WWII-era planes make flyby in honor of late singer Vera Lynn  
Ahead of the day, a giant portrait of Lynn was beamed onto the White Cliffs of Dover to commemorate her life.
· Views on recovery are impacting the debate over extending unemployment benefits  
The latest jobs report only covered the period up to the week of June 12, before the latest rise in cases, which prompted analysts like banking giant Goldman Sachs to lower their growth forecasts.
The Wall Street Journal
· For Pensions, Valuing Real Estate Is Tough. Covid-19 Brings New Hurdles  
Pension giant California Public Employees’ Retirement System is projecting malls will lose some of their value in the second quarter, according to an internal estimate.
Seeking Alpha
· Wall Street Breakfast: Return Of The Stay-At-Home Trade  
Section 301 probe into the foreign tax, which Washington says discriminates against U.S. tech giants like Google (GOOG, GOOGL), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).
Ars Technica
· Rocket Report: Surprise Israeli launch, Britain decides to bail out OneWeb  
The engines will help boost Blue Origin's own New Glenn rocket and also the giant Vulcan Centaur rocket being developed at United Launch Alliance in Decatur.
The Guardian
· Theatres that made us: from the Watermill to the Bush  
The building has grown its outreach and programming in recent years and still strives to consider its artists and audiences by offering captioning devices, signed performances, accessible workshops and opportunities – a small team that works incredibly hard to stand on the shoulders of giants deserves the accolades it receives.
The New York Times
· Trump’s Taxes May Be Released — Eventually  
Customers at the coffee giant’s 9,000 American locations will have to abide by the rule starting July 15.
The Age
· Meet the neighbours: the upside of COVID-19's closed playgrounds  
As parents grew increasingly harried with remote learning, the signs took on a harried tenor, too: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” was the incantation on the house next door, above a giant rictus fashioned from crêpe paper.
The Age
· Bed breath: how to tackle your partner's carbon emissions  
They’ll sleep back to back, on the extreme edges of the mattress, with a giant, flimsy, Trump-esque border wall between them, built entirely out of scrunched-up doona, with a small, fluffy throw-cushion guard tower.