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gas giant Gaz devi
giant planets Dev gezegenler
giant slalom Dev slalom
giant star Dev yıldız
red giant Kırmızı dev

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The Age
· Legend of Ali: The unlikely figure in Wall Street's most elite club is going it alone  
That helped Meli score his giant pay cheque for 2009.
Seeking Alpha
· Growth Pains? The Case For Leaning Into Value Over Growth  
Looking at Samsung, do we really believe this electronics giant, a key supplier of OLED and 5G technology across the globe, is only capable of growing earnings at 3%?
· Mark Zuckerberg 'expressed concerns' in Trump phone call, so that should fix everything  
Both social media giants are in the White House's crosshairs ahead of the November election, with Trump signing a somewhat toothless executive order on May 28 meant to intimidate them into letting him share whatever he wants.
Malay Mail
· US workers face an unequal future when coronavirus recedes  
Grocery store chain Kroger, e-commerce giant Amazon and several fast food companies have announced massive hirings since the pandemic hit, but offer no safe haven.
The New York Times
· Christo, Artist Who Wrapped and Festooned on an Epic Scale, Dies at 84  
Christo, the Bulgarian-born conceptual artist who turned to epic-scale environmental works in the late 1960s, stringing a giant curtain across a mountain pass in Colorado, wrapping the Pont Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin and zigzagging thousands of saffron-curtained gates throughout Central Park, died on Sunday at his home in New York City.
· Protests and fireworks: Three things from German football  
-- Dynamo Dresden remain rock bottom of Bundesliga 2 after a 2-0 defeat to fallen giants Stuttgart.
The Independent
· Questions remain over whether Huawei should help to build UK’s 5G network, says Lisa Nandy  
The tech giant is due to hold talks with one of Mr Johnson’s senior aides, Sir Eddie Lister, this week, in an attempt to understand the prime minister’s intentions.
The Guardian
· Morning mail: protests and violence flare across US, Rio Tinto says sorry, a boy's marathon achievement  
The mining giant Rio Tinto has apologised to traditional owners in Western Australia’s north after destroying a significant Indigenous site dating back 46,000 years.
· Retailers already hit by coronavirus board up as US protests rage  
NEW YORK: Retail giant Target shuttered stores across the US as retailers already reeling from closures due to the coronavirus pandemic shut stores amid protests that included looting in many US cities on Sunday (May 31).
· Plane takes flight over Washington, with no fuel. (It's electric.)  
That's because long electric flights would require giant batteries, making the planes much too heavy to fly, explained van der Linden.