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federal grant
land grant
million grant
not grant
received a grant

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Liverpool Echo
· Merseyside's garden village dealt blow as developers withdraw plans 'at the last minute'  
Members of the council approved the recommendation to grant planning permission with conditions, which included the applicant entering a section 106 agreement and submitting further surveys to the council.
Malay Mail
· Govt approves RM600 special aid for school bus drivers nationwide  
He said this assistance will be granted to school bus drivers with valid driver licenses and who use registered vehicles from licensed school bus operators.
Financial Express
· Govt must rescue and revive mining sector to boost economic recovery; here's what needs to be done  
In doing so, the article builds on the reform initiatives outlined in the NMP, viz., incentivising exploration through seamless transmission to mining, pre-identification of ‘no-go areas’, simpler and time-bound procedures for granting permits, harmonising royalty rates with international standards, and assuring security of tenure.
Financial Express
· Vikas Dubey encounter: Congress demands judicial probe by sitting Supreme Court judge  
The Congress on Friday demanded a judicial probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge into the entire episode involving gangster Vikas Dubey to bring out the truth about those who had granted protection to him and the alleged political-criminal nexus in Uttar Pradesh.
Washington Post
· EU Council head tries to win over ‘Frugal Four’ on budget  
Under current proposals by the European Commission, the 750 billion-euro recovery fund aid would include 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion euros in loans for EU countries.
· Views on recovery are impacting the debate over extending unemployment benefits  
Small businesses may also begin to exhaust federal loans and grants soon that were designed to keep workers on payroll, potentially setting off a new wave of layoffs.
Bleacher Report
· College Football Position U: Who Is Defense University?  
Granted, one of those was nine-time Pro Bowl linebacker and Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas.
· A therapist on what it’s like to work with patients during the pandemic  
And granted, it’s not for everything.
The Age
· 'Try telling a guy you’ve got a major disability: you’ve never seen them run so fast'  
To walk in the park without a stick is something able-bodied people take for granted.