Haberlerde Grounded

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· Most airlines expect job cuts over next 12 months: survey  
The aviation sector has been hit hard by the crisis, with almost all aircraft fleets grounded and tens of thousands of jobs lost.
Seeking Alpha
· Blue Apron: Significant Customer Churn And Acquisition Talks Make This A High Conviction Short  
Their unwilling stance on discussion regarding customer churn, as evident in their response to Canaccord Genuity's Maria Ripps who inquired about this very topic, tells a much more grounded appraisal of the company's stance than implied by their positive tone.
Sports Illustrated
· Part 3: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Spider Gaines  
The Huskies' Spiderman no longer flits with danger and lawlessness, preferring to be a grounded person.
The China Post
· Penguin poop spotted from space reveals hidden colonies  
Some of the newly discovered colonies are located far offshore, on sea ice that has formed around grounded icebergs and which is particularly at risk of disappearing.
Sports Illustrated
· How Tyrann Mathieu Found His Way Through the Chaos On and Off the Field  
And in addition to yoga and mindfulness sessions Donny the Yogi shared a 13-minute-long mindset visualization audio file, telling Mathieu things like “tune in to the quality of your breath” and “step into that version of you that’s 100% committed to showing up Super Bowl Sunday” and “make a picture, if you will, of a future you: focused, grounded and ready for all four quarters.” Mathieu listened to this “mental rehearsal” the night before the game, and again before he sprinted onto the field.
The Independent
· Penguin poo seen by satellites leads to discovery of previously unknown emperor colonies in Antarctica  
The study found a number of colonies located far offshore on areas of sea ice which had formed around icebergs that had grounded in shallow water.
Malay Mail
· Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy protection in US as virus bites  
The company — part-owned by Richard Branson — grounded its planes in April because of the pandemic but announced plans for private funding worth £1.2 billion (RM6.6 billion) in July, what it called a “major milestone towards securing its future.”
· Trump's 'Axios on HBO' interview proves how much he relies on marketing to counter reality  
The difference, of course, is that Trump's predecessors were more grounded in the actual reality than he seems to be and used spin more judiciously than he seems capable of.
The Age
· Slimmed down Virgin is match fit to take on Qantas  
And now it has an owner in Bain from which it can tap additional financial support, sufficient to see the airline through the increasingly protracted period of being effectively grounded.