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Пример словосочетания

attack helicopter Ударный вертолет
helicopter crash Крушение вертолета
helicopter gunships Боевые вертолеты
helicopter landing Посадка вертолета
helicopter pilot Пилот вертолета

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Публикации и примеры предложений

The Age
· Man charged over alleged fatal stabbing of mother in Sydney's north-west  
She said she’d heard nothing out of the ordinary on Monday afternoon but knew something had happened when she heard a helicopter flying overhead and saw police and ambulance officers running to a nearby house.
· What Happened When a Public Institute Became a De Facto Lobbying Arm of the Timber Industry  
Timber companies apply herbicides from helicopters to kill vegetation that sprouts in the bare earth of clear-cuts and competes for water and sunlight with newly planted tree seedlings.
Malay Mail
· Netanyahu warns foes after Israeli retaliatory strikes in Syria  
Syrian state-run news agency Sana said Israeli helicopters rocketed Syrian army positions near Quneitra in the south but caused only material damage.
Washington Post
· Helicopter crashes into Tennessee River; 1 dead, 3 saved  
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — One person was killed when a helicopter crashed into the Tennessee River on Monday night, authorities said.
The New York Times
· L.A. Mansion Party, Held Despite Pandemic Ban, Ends in a Shooting  
Helicopter footage of partygoers gathering at the hillside home was broadcast on local news outlets throughout the day, and a number of police vehicles could be seen parked at the gate outside the property.
The Independent
· Sailors rescued from tiny, uninhabited island in Micronesia after writing ‘SOS’ in sand  
“From there we called in the Australian navy because they had two helicopters nearby that could assist and land on the island.”
The New York Times
· 3 Men Marooned in the Pacific Are Rescued After Writing SOS in the Sand  
An Australian reconnaissance helicopter later delivered food and water to the marooned men, before a Micronesian vessel picked them up on Monday and took them back home to Pulap.
Liverpool Echo
· Attempted murder arrests after shots fired in mass brawl  
The area was cordoned off and a helicopter was seen circling above.
Financial Express
· Ram Mandir bumi pujan: Stage set for historic event, PM Modi to lay foundation stone on Wednesday  
He will first go to Lucknow on a special plane and from there to Ayodhya on a helicopter.