Haberlerde Helicopter

Örnek kollokasyonlar

attack helicopter Saldırı helikopteri
helicopter crash Helikopter kazası
helicopter gunships Helikopter tabancaları
helicopter landing Helikopter inişi
helicopter pilot Helikopter pilotu

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Japan Times
· Protests over George Floyd’s death spread across U.S.  
Albuquerque police used a helicopter and tear gas as they retreated from a crowd of people after a confrontation that followed a protest of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.  Copy example sentence
· Biden's VP list narrows and unrest in Minnesota enters discussion  
Duckworth, while a less high-profile contender compared to Warren and Harris, brings a unique perspective to the table as an Asian-American woman and Iraq War veteran who lost both legs after her Black Hawk helicopter was shot down.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Inside an Extraordinary G.O.P. Event: ‘Pressing Flesh and Kissing Babies’ Again  
“But I spent 28 months in Vietnam and crashed six times in a helicopter.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Protests Against Police Escalate  
Footage from helicopter cameras showed nearby businesses engulfed in flames.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Pakistan to setup national locust control cell to combat insects swarms  
Faraz said nine planes and helicopters were taking part in the campaign to spray pesticides and kill the swarms.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Drones, planes to counter locust attack? Govt set to bring down crop-devouring locust swarm, details here  
How will drones be used to tackle swarms of locusts?The ministry said that while drones will be utilised to spray pesticides on all tall trees in the infected areas and other inaccessible places, helicopters will be used to spray on other areas for effective control of locusts.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· Basketball Hall of Fame delays Kobe Bryant’s enshrinement ceremony  
Bryant, one of the most dominant players in NBA history, was killed with his daughter and seven others in a January helicopter crash.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 'Harrowing' Shoalhaven zoo lion attack leaves zookeeper with serious injuries  
Several ambulance crews, including a rescue helicopter, were called to treat the woman, who is in a critical condition.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Minnesota governor activates national guard to respond to violence over George Floyd protests  
Minnesota State Patrol will assist with 200 troopers, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft supporting law enforcement on the ground over the coming days  Copy example sentence