“Hide” in the news

Example collocations

hide behind
not hide
tried to hide
tries to hide
trying to hide

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Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Man who flies Nazi flag from his car to show he is in ‘total opposition of Black Lives Matter’ claims he was attacked because of it  
Jesus Seineke hides offensive symbol when at home to avoid retaliation
· WHO Report: Aerosols Not Likely To Be Significant Source Of COVID-19 Transmission  
NIAID hide caption
Japan Today
· Supreme Court orders release of Trump records but they may stay hidden for now  
Even if Trump's financial records are eventually turned over to the New York prosecutors by his accounting firm Mazars, they may remain hidden from public view because of grand jury secrecy.
Japan Today
· 35 troops killed in Nigeria jihadist ambush; 30 missing  
The terrorists hid inside heaps of foliage they gathered along the road and opened fire on the convoy as it passed.
Japan Today
· Man United wins again as Tottenham misfires under Mourinho  
Maybe it was a ruse to hide the shortcomings of his team as Bournemouth faced no shots on target in a game for the first time since promotion to the Premier League in 2015.
· Griffin, An African Grey Parrot, Outsmarts Harvard Students In Memory Game  
For those not familiar, it entails hiding a small object under one of three, or more, inverted cups or nutshells, which are moved around.
The New York Times
· In the Supreme Court's Trump Tax Ruling, Voters Lose  
The bottom line is that Mr. Trump will almost certainly get to keep hiding his tax returns (Remember those?
The New York Times
· My Favorite Summer Blockbuster  
When Eddie hides Roger in a sink of water, it splashes.
The Verge
· How to tame your Gmail inbox with labels  
When you have a lot of labels, they can be overwhelming, and so Gmail has ways in which you can show or hide specific labels.