Haberlerde Hope

Örnek kollokasyonlar

all hope Tüm umutlar
expressed hope Ifade edilmiş umut
little hope Küçük umut
no hope Umut yok
only hope Tek umut

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

· A new YA novel about teens, racism and rape culture finds resonance amid pandemic  
What do you hope young survivors take from “Parachutes”?  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· How NASA’s Astronauts Became SpaceX’s Customers  
Lori Garver, who served as NASA’s deputy administrator during the Obama administration, said in an interview that she hoped this moment would have come sooner.  Copy example sentence
· Questions about COVID-19 test accuracy raised across the testing spectrum  
You’re hoping you get the right spot.  Copy example sentence
· Are you prepared for an emergency? This kit is on sale and can help.  
And while we all hope we'll never need to use it, the kit offers great value with its five-year shelf life.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· Idaho State track athletes want transgender lawsuit tossed  
The other is Lindsay Hecox, 19, who will be a sophomore this fall at Boise State University and hopes to qualify for the women’s cross-country team.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· In Audacious Move, Georgia and Florida Governors Offer to Host G.O.P. Convention  
Mr. Cooper said Tuesday that the conversations his office was having with the R.N.C., and the contingency planning it was requiring, were the same as those happening with sports teams and other organizations hoping to hold large events in North Carolina.  Copy example sentence
· For Eric Garner's mom, video of man pleading 'I can't breathe' to police is 'reoccurring nightmare'  
While Minneapolis has moved swiftly to fire the officers involved in Floyd's death, Carr said she hopes justice can be attained much sooner than it took in her son's case.  Copy example sentence
· Bayern Munich down Dortmund to close on Bundesliga title  
In the dying stages, Favre brought on 2014 World Cup winner Mario Goetze, who is out of contract next month and set to leave, in the vain hope of grabbing an equaliser.  Copy example sentence
· European leaders urge Netanyahu against West Bank annexations  
Why it matters: Netanyahu is hoping for a green light from the U.S. to move ahead on annexations as early as July 1, but the letters from the leaders of Italy, France, Spain and the U.K. are signals of the strong international pushback Israel would face.  Copy example sentence
· The NBA might be returning this summer — in Disney World  
The league hopes to create a “bubble” in Florida for players, coaches, and staff.  Copy example sentence