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Пример словосочетания

able to identify В состоянии идентифицировать
difficult to identify Трудно идентифицировать
identify themselves Идентифицировать себя
not identify Не идентифицировать
used to identify Используется для идентификации

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The New York Times
· Edward Kleinbard, Tax Lawyer Turned Reformer, Dies at 68  
Policymakers should identify their spending priorities — ideally to invest in the country’s citizens — and then discuss the proper tax policies to pay for them.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Asylum centre criticised for lack of social distancing measures suffers outbreak of infections  
No new residents had come to Urban House since the outbreak was identified, it said.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus live news: Australia's Victoria state begins lockdown, France exceeds 30,000 deaths  
The suburb I live in was one of the “hotspot suburbs” identified by the state government on 30 June, so I’m among a few hundred thousand Victorians who have had a head-start in this latest lockdown.
Seeking Alpha
· Gold's Rally Means Gains In U.S. Stocks Are Questionable  
Rallies in precious metals suggest that this might already be the case, and investors should consider building positions in both gold and silver when price dips can be identified.
Washington Post
· Prosecutor: Marshals acted lawfully in Black man’s death  
Marshals involved in the shooting have not been identified.
Malay Mail
· US welcomes WHO inquiry into Covid-19 origins in China  
Earlier yesterday, an epidemiologist and an animal health specialist from the WHO left for China to try and identify the animal source of the new coronavirus pandemic.
· Police use facial-recognition tech to arrest another innocent man  
We are reminded of this obvious fact again with the news Friday that an innocent man, despite not looking like the perpetrator at all, was arrested last year after being falsely identified by faulty facial-recognition tech.
· 3 LAPD Officers Charged Over Allegations They Falsely Identified Gang Members  
Three Los Angeles police officers are facing charges of falsifying records and obstruction of justice over allegations that they wrongly identified people as gang members, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office announced on Friday.
· Archaeology news: HS2 works unearth Iron Age victim of grisly murder 'with hands bound'  
At least one roundhouse has been identified with possible structures used as animal pens or for food disposal.
· Coronavirus map LIVE: UK on brink of second wave as R-rate hits 1 - new lockdown warning  
1.32pm update: Three potential new UK coronavirus hotspots identified