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illegal activities
illegal drug
illegal drugs
illegal immigrants
illegal immigration

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The Independent
· Why Twitter and Facebook blocking Trump’s posts could actually help him stay in the White House  
One thing you regularly hear from Trump supporters, whether lukewarm or strident, is that he “says what I’m thinking.” Lies about the number of illegal ballots cast or lies of rampant rioting at Black Lives Matter protests resonate with people in Middle America who desperately want and believe those things to be true.
The Guardian
· MPs to investigate surge in migrants crossing Channel in small boats  
The cross-party committee will look a the response of UK and French authorities to combat illegal migration and support legal routes to asylum and the conditions experienced by people gathered in Northern France seeking to enter the UK.
Washington Post
· Egypt, Greece sign maritime deal to counter Libya-Turkey one  
“It is the complete opposite of the illegal, invalid and legally non-existent memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Tripoli,” Dendias added.
Financial Express
· Saifuddin Soz treated like a 'prisoner', dictatorship in J&K for past one year: Priyanka Gandhi targets Centre  
He said placing someone under house arrest is an abuse of power” and is a “completely illegal instrument” that has no sanction under the Code of Criminal Procedure.
· Phoenix has become the top individual advertising market in the 2020 White House race  
Sethi’s ads have also included warnings about “left-wing mobs,” and an “illegal immigrant invasion.” (That last claim came in a spot featuring his mother, who emigrated from India legally.)
The New York Times
· An Italian Natural Wine Producer Is Swept Up in Her Father’s Migrant Worker Scandal  
Prosecutors accused him of the systematic and illegal exploitation of migrant workers in his produce operation.
· Money Stuff: It’s a Good and Bad Time for IPOs  
I might assume they were doing it in a legal way, and be disappointed that in fact they were doing it in an illegal way, but these are matters of degree.
The New York Times
· Arda Turan Joins Galatasaray and Emerges From Exile  
Turan was found guilty of “intentionally injuring” a Turkish singer, before later firing an illegal firearm at the floor in a hospital.
Washington Post
· New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA in suit accusing gun rights group of wide-ranging fraud and self-dealing  
Her investigation, which began in February 2019, found a “a culture of self-dealing, mismanagement, and negligent oversight at the NRA that was illegal, oppressive, and fraudulent,” according to a statement by the attorney general’s office.