Illegal trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

illegal activities Các hoạt động bất hợp pháp
illegal drug Thuốc bất hợp pháp
illegal drugs Ma túy bất hợp pháp
illegal immigrants Người nhập cư bất hợp pháp
illegal immigration Nhập cư bất hợp pháp

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
· Chimpanzee panic: Sick hunters could WIPE OUT chimps by killing adults and trading babies  
Jimmy Desmond and wife Jenny, who set up Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection, said adult chimps are killed for bushmeat whilst their babies are smuggled out of Africa and sold into the illegal pet trade.
· Half million Hong Kong people vote in pro-democracy primaries  
Similar national security laws are used to crush dissent on the mainland and police in Hong Kong have already arrested people voicing certain political views now deemed illegal, such as advocating independence or greater autonomy.
Washington Post
· Post-Roger Stone: Ten ideas for repairing Trump’s justice system  
Legislation should specify that solicitation of campaign help from a foreign government is illegal.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: Back at you boss, magistrate says  
In February Rogers pleaded guilty to different charges of participating in an illegal scheme.
The Age
· Why are fish wars heating up all over the world?  
In some places, illegal fishing is happening on an industrial scale.
Al Jazeera
· Q&A: UN's Agnes Callamard on drone strike that killed Soleimani  
Al Jazeera: What form of accountability should flow from the illegal use of armed drones?
Financial Express
· Vikas Dubey case: UP cop, suspended for alleged leaking of information to gangster, moves SC seeking protection  
The plea, filed through his wife Vinita Sirohi, apprehended that her husband Krishn Kumar Sharma may be eliminated through illegal and unconstitutional means.
· Pope heartbreak: Rare public outburst after shock Turkey move - 'Deeply pained'  
It comes after Turkey’s Highest Court ruled the ancient building's conversion to a museum by modern Turkey's founding statesman was illegal.
The Age
· Stronger checks needed for boosted spying powers  
One high-profile case is the illegal bugging of the offices of the East Timorese government during negotiations over oil rights in the Timor Sea.
Bangkok Post
· Tents, barrier removed from famous Phetchabun cliff  
It is a popular attraction but the mountain is tainted by illegal land encroachment and misuse of the plots.