“Illusion” in the news

Example collocations

create the illusion
optical illusion

Publications and example sentences

The China Post
· 談港澳條例 江啟臣籲小英:別選後就切割香港|KMT chairman calls out President Tsai for attempting to cut ties with HK  
He, therefore, called on Beijing to be very cautious in this matter and said he did not want to see the freedom and the rule of law in Hong Kong along with Beijing’s initial promise of “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” to all become an illusion.
The New York Times
· In Memphis, Journalism Can Still Bring Justice  
Ms. Thomas was under no illusion that simply telling the stories of underpaid workers, immigrants and other vulnerable Memphians would sort out the economic issues that make it so difficult for them to emerge from poverty.
The New York Times
· College Students Colonize the Divided Romania of ‘Mad Forest’  
It’s only the inspired work of the technical team that creates the illusion of their inhabiting the same space.
The Age
· Fast regional trains not worth the money  
It’s not a time for tempting voters with illusions.
The Guardian
· Take a brow: strong eyes make all the difference  
It’s a brilliant way to keep up the illusion.
The Guardian
· Powderfinger One Night Lonely review – first show in a decade a poignant reminder of what we've lost  
This, too, was poignant: the band was back together, yet alone, playing to an enormous audience who couldn’t get close to the band, despite the illusion of intimacy.
Malay Mail
· Germans opt for staycations as virus fears linger  
“Be under no illusions: There will be no quick return to ‘business as usual’,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has warned.
The Guardian
· CDC reports more than 1.5 million cases – as it happened  
“I am under no illusion whatsoever: Every move we make that loosens up increases the risk,” Walz said.
The Guardian
· Escaping lockdown into a world of video games is nothing to feel guilty about  
No, I don’t have any illusions about what I’ve become since the start of this year.
Malay Mail
· China has betrayed Hong Kong, says former HK governor  
It’s always been an illusion,” Patten said.