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create the illusion Yanılsama yaratmak
optical illusion Optik yanılsama

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· The charges against former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin, explained  
He claimed that, in past cases involving police violence, “they have these people who work with the city come up with things that are such an illusion.”
Financial Express
· PM Modi indispensable leader but how to rectify mistakes? says Shiv Sena in swipe at BJP  
Fight for Independence and struggle to become a nation, and the country’s growth on fronts of industry, society, science and medicine is just an illusion,” the edit said.
Seeking Alpha
· Defining 'Inflation' Correctly  
But once the pool becomes stagnant or starts to decline, increases in the growth rate of money supply can no longer create the illusion of creating real economic growth.
Seeking Alpha
· Coronavirus Roundtable - The Closed-End Funds Opportunity Persists  
However, when conditions become tight (as they have this year) CEF managers can be tempted to maintain dividends (to create the illusion of strength and health) by funding them with short-term capital gains or a return of capital.
The Guardian
· Lockdown in Dhaka: where social distancing is an illusion  
But social distancing within our neighbourhoods is an illusion.
Financial Express
· Virtual reality: The future of defence training during COVID times  
These are used to actually stimulate our senses together in order to create the illusion of reality to give us an immersive experience.
The Guardian
· I started to miss brazenly beautiful Japan before I'd even left  
Like many I had bought into Sofia Coppola’s soft-focus illusion of the country (in her 2003 film Lost In Translation) as a kaleidoscope of karaoke, cat cafes and mad crossings, but I quickly realised her film was a reductionist insult.
The Guardian
· The inequalities exposed by this pandemic are about to get even worse  
Any illusions that we were ever protected from the rank contempt of our rulers by the logic of democracy – because the government embodies the will of the people who elected it – are now gone.
The Guardian
· 'She never had a voice': Dawn Sturgess's parents hope TV drama will set record straight  
Stan and Caroline are under no illusions that the broadcast of the drama will help ease their pain.
· Trump vs. Biden? This coronavirus mask photo may be 2020's best Rorschach test  
Another former colleague of mine, conservative commentator Matt Lewis, made the observation that “one man creates the illusion of masculinity by projecting invulnerability.