“Image” in the news

Example collocations

body image
image processing
image quality
mirror image
public image

Publications and example sentences

The Verge
· Honor’s latest smartphone has a temperature sensor  
Back in 2016, we reviewed Cat’s S60, a rugged smartphone that came with a thermal imaging camera.
Seeking Alpha
· Exelon Corporation: Strong, Defensive, But Unexciting  
Image Source: Twitter
The Guardian
· Embarrassing teenage posts on Facebook? Now you can delete them  
By allowing the images to be archived instead, the company preserved a way for those users to undo their decision – and preserved the data for Instagram to continue to learn from.
Seeking Alpha
· Hecla Mining: A Mixed Bag  
(Source: Hecla Mining - Image: Lucky Friday Mine)
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: Apple 'tracking' iPhones looted from its stores  
People have posted images of the smartphones on twitter that have apparently been taken from US stores.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: Thousands gather in central London to call for justice  
Videos and images shared from the protest on social media showed the proceedings have been peaceful.
The Independent
· I was pregnant when Trayvon Martin was killed. This week, I had to watch my seven-year-old learn about George Floyd over Zoom  
And seeing images of brutalized black bodies isn’t helping.
· Trump administration to ban Chinese airlines from flying to U.S.  
Photo: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Seeking Alpha
· APPEN - AI Driven High Quality Growth Stock Trading At A Fair Price  
However, the vast majority of data created is unstructured, this includes audio, images, video, e-mails and social media posts.
The Atlantic
· The Headlines That Are Covering Up Police Violence  
When news stories employ sensational images of property damage, using terms such as riot and the even more sensational mayhem and chaos, researchers have noted a rise in public support for law-and-order crackdowns on protest, rather than support for social policies to address the roots of protest.