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illegal immigration Yasadışı göç
immigration and emigration Göç ve göç
immigration laws Göç yasaları
immigration policy Göç politikası
immigration reform Göçmen reformu

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Malay Mail
· Immigration D-G: Bangladeshi interviewee from Al Jazeera documentary to be deported on Merdeka Day  
Online news portal MalaysiaGazette reported Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud as saying the earliest flight to Bangladesh would be on August 31 and Rayhan would be put on board.
Washington Post
· Joe Arpaio clings to relevancy in what’s likely his last run  
The 88-year-old Republican lawman — known for launching immigration crackdowns — was locked in a tight primary race for sheriff as he tries to remain politically relevant in the state that now has a majority-Democratic congressional delegation, its first Democratic U.S senator since the mid-1990s and a growing Latino population.
Washington Post
· A vast store of explosive material sat in Beirut for years despite repeated warnings  
The crew was stranded on board due to immigration restrictions — “Crew kept hostages on a floating bomb,” read the headline of a 2014 report on maritime news site FleetMon — before a legal appeal let them go home.
The New York Times
· Blame for Beirut Explosion Begins With a Leaky, Troubled Ship  
Lebanese immigration restrictions prevented the crew from leaving the ship, and they struggled to obtain food and other supplies, according to their lawyers.
Washington Post
· Left-wing candidates keep racking up wins in challenge to Democratic establishment  
Each candidate embraced the key planks of Sanders’s platform — Medicare-for-all, criminal justice and immigration reform, as well as opposition to corporate PAC money.
Washington Post
· Legal scholars dispute Trump’s claim to power ‘nobody thought the president had’  
Trump has asserted that with the stroke of a pen he can break through gridlock on immigration, health care, the stalemate on relief for those hurt economically by the coronavirus pandemic, even mail-in balloting.
The China Post
· Police charge alleged MS-13 members with trafficking teen  
He declined to comment on the immigration status of the 11 defendants, saying he expected it would be revealed in court at Thursday’s detention hearing.
Washington Post
· Court hears challenge to Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from representation  
The New York Immigration Coalition, joined by the ACLU, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, FIEL Houston, and other groups, went to court the same day, arguing that Trump’s “xenophobic” and “lawless” directive runs counter to the Constitution and decades of case law.
· Trump campaign requests adding another presidential debate  
The two new ads, which will be running on local broadcast and cable outlets and on Spanish language channels, attack presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on raising taxes, immigration policy and trade deals.