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immune cells Иммунные клетки
immune response Иммунная реакция
immune responses Иммунные ответы
immune system Иммунная система
innate immune Врожденный иммунитет

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Financial Express
· 'Bats spread coronavirus, but don't get infected': Research on bats provides valuable clue to treating COVID-19  
While the most powerful nations of the world are on their knees battling Coronavirus, the animal that is allegedly responsible for the dissemination of many such viral outbreaks remains immune to the deadly disease it causes.
Washington Post
· Fairfax teachers, parents face a wrenching choice about fall. Betsy DeVos made it political.  
She also has a healthy immune system, as do her husband and three children.
The Age
· No sign of slowdown: How Roche navigated testing times  
Roche itself has not been immune to slowdowns in its other key testing markets.
· I’m a doctor. I believe my patient got Covid-19 twice.  
He was unable to get an antibody test after his first infection, so we do not know whether his immune system mounted an effective antibody response or not.
Washington Post
· Why do bats have so many viruses?  
Today, a growing number of them suspect that the key lies in special features of the bat immune system — ones that spark responses to viral invasion that are very different from what goes on in humans.
The Age
· This exception to the rule makes no sense  
My son-in-law is a highly qualified science teacher working at a secondary college and somehow this position makes him immune to the contagion sweeping through our state.
Washington Post
· Distinguished person of the week: ‘For the people’ of New York  
The issue presented — whether the president is immune from state criminal investigation — put at risk the very essence of our democracy, namely that we are a nation of laws to which even the president is subject.
The New York Times
· The Week in Business: What a Biden Economy Could Look Like  
The Supreme Court rejected Mr. Trump’s defense that, as a sitting president, he is immune from producing evidence in a criminal proceeding.
Seeking Alpha
· Weekly Commentary: Utmost Crazy  
Speaking… on CNBC…, Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College London, said that in towns and cities where there had been coronavirus infections, only 10% to 15% of the population was likely to be immune.
The New York Times
· An Evangelist for Remote Work Sees the Rest of the World Catch On  
The drug appears to reduce inflammation caused by the immune system, protecting the tissues.