Impeachment trong tin tức

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articles of impeachment Bài viết luận tội
impeachment proceedings Tố tụng luận tội
impeachment trial Xét xử luận tội

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Washington Post
· The U.S. must respond forcefully to Russia and the Taliban. Here’s how.  
Fred Hiatt: Trump’s articles of impeachment — updated
Washington Post
· Never Trumpers are Democrats in Republican clothing  
Backing Trump on matters such as impeachment.
Washington Post
· Citing politics, Democrats wants Census appointees removed  
Cogley, a political science professor at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, who wrote a series of opinion pieces against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, was named a deputy director for policy.
The Atlantic
· How to Corrupt the Justice Department  
You need someone who does not need to be all things to all people—who will, like a honey badger, just not care if the legal community disapproves of him or if the press is appalled or if members of Congress call for his impeachment.
· Trump commutation of Roger Stone might be unethical. But it's not bad politics.  
The voters will see this for what it is: abuse of power and obstruction of justice,” tweeted Norm Eisen, a Democratic House adviser for Trump’s impeachment.
The Independent
· Trump has made 20,000 misleading or false statements since taking office  
That year-plus included his House impeachment and subsequent acquittal after a Senate trial, the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd while in the custody of white police officers -- and his own plummeting polls numbers.
· 6 key Senate and House races to watch on Tuesday  
Golden tacks close to the middle; he was the only member of the House to split his vote on the impeachment vote against President Trump, voting for the first article of impeachment but against the second.
Malay Mail
· IGP, PDRM reject accusation by Adib’s family, say police not bound by decision of Coroner’s Court  
In an inquest proceeding, the credibility of witnesses cannot be disputed like an impeachment proceeding.
The Atlantic
· The Traditional Interpretation of the Pardon Power Is Wrong  
But this power is constrained by a limit: “except in cases of impeachment.” Traditionally, this exception has been read to mean only that a president cannot use the pardon and reprieve power to prevent or undo an impeachment by the House or an impeachment conviction by the Senate.