“Implication” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Atlantic hurricane season already record-breaking — and minority communities disproportionately at risk  
“This ongoing silence has dire implications, as vulnerable communities will likely still be grappling with Covid-19 during a potentially active hurricane season,” researchers wrote.
· Transcript: Talking to Kids About Racism  
What kids learn or don't learn about race and how it's weaponized in America has lasting implications because today's kids grow up to be tomorrow's police officers, and teachers, and judges, and elected officials with the power to damage or destroy lives, including black lives.
Seeking Alpha
· Macerich: 6 Reasons Why I Have Become Less Optimistic  
However, the long-term implication of that might be severe.
The Guardian
· Retracted studies may have damaged public trust in science, top researchers fear  
A professor of infectious diseases and former advisor to the World Health Organization, Prof Peter Collignon, said he believed the publication of Desai’s papers would have lasting implications.
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· Equinix: Further Strengthening Its Leadership In North America  
First, let's have a quick and mostly visual look at the company's past acquisitions, before addressing its latest Canadian move, and analyzing the implications of this new development.
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· SGOL Weekly: Vulnerable To Short-Term Profit-Taking  
But ETF investors continue to buy gold at a healthy clip, seeking to protect their portfolios against adverse implications of the Fed’s epic policy support to the economy.
· The right is trying to link George Soros and George Floyd protests. Don't let it.  
The implication that protesters are paid to shout, or hold their signs, or weep in rage, is fundamentally an insult to the initiative and agency of those who got up and took to the streets to participate in democracy.
The Independent
· A damaging blame game will not help us learn the lessons we need to from the coronavirus pandemic  
The further implication is that these discharges were the main or principal reason for the level of care home deaths.
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· Tribune Publishing Company (TPCO) CEO Terry Jimenez on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
We continue to deliver a thorough news report on the impact of the virus and its physical, mental and economic implications.
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· Best And Worst Q2 2020: Large Cap Value ETFs And Mutual Funds  
This variation creates drastically different investment implications and, therefore, ratings.