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The Guardian
· Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests  
The study has implications for the development of a vaccine, and for the pursuit of “herd immunity” in the community over time.
Financial Express
· UK-China ties freeze with debate over Huawei, Hong Kong  
Rather, he said, the deeper worry lies in the geopolitical implications of China becoming the world’s dominant player in 5G technology.
Malay Mail
· MCO: Govt to consider working from home as new normal option for civil service, says chief secretary to govt  
Among the points that need to be studied further are digital technology support, information security, compatibility with specified service schemes and legal implications as well, he said.
Washington Post
· Virus spread, not politics should guide schools, doctors say  
“But what we do know is that we need to have a more realistic dialogue about the implications of virtual learning on the future of children.
Sports Illustrated
· Must-See TV: Clemson vs. Notre Dame Tagged as Game of the Year  
The way both schedules shake out, the non-conference tilt between the Tigers and Fighting Irish on Nov. 7 will almost certainly be a battle of undefeated squads with major playoff implications hanging in the balance.
The Independent
· Trump suggested selling Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Maria, says former Cabinet official  
The court found that the Trump administration had not considered the implications of shutting down the programme.
Washington Post
· Latinos hit hard by coronavirus, but Chicago suggests it’s even worse than it looks  
In Chicago, the inability to get an accurate count of how many Latinos have the coronavirus has real resource implications as local and state health officials respond to the pandemic.
The Age
· Meanwhile in America: Stocks generate big gains and bigger questions  
Many strategists applaud the Fed's short-term moves but are troubled by the long-term implications.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: Back at you boss, magistrate says  
Henson emailed all NSW magistrates last week updating them on the implications of the NSW-Victoria border closure.