“Impose” in the news

Example collocations

impose taxes
not impose

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Falling Jobless Rate Could Imperil Aid Underpinning the Recovery  
Small-business hiring has increased across states regardless of their pace of reopening, though states that imposed lockdowns early fell to lower levels of employment before their rebounds began.
The China Post
· Suriname finally issues vote results showing opposition win  
The results — which in past years were announced almost immediately — were released Thursday night just an hour before the government imposed sweeping limits on public activity to fight a flareup of COVID-19.
Japan Today
· U.S. will allow limited flights by Chinese airlines, not a ban  
Officials are concerned, however, about conditions China is imposing that could affect whether U.S. airlines resume their flights.
· Trump threatens EU, China tariffs over lobster duties  
President Donald Trump threatened Friday to impose tariffs against the European Union and China in retaliation for duties imposed on imports of US lobster.
Al Jazeera
· Qatar hopes new initiative to produce results in 3-year GCC rift  
Qatar's foreign minister has expressed hope a new initiative to end the land, sea and air blockade imposed on the Gulf state by four Arab nations may produce results.
The New York Times
· Appeals Court Blocks White House From Suspending Reporter’s Press Pass  
WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Friday blocked the Trump administration from imposing a 30-day suspension on the White House press pass of a reporter for trading caustic and blustering comments with Sebastian Gorka, a right-wing commentator who worked briefly in the White House, after an event in the Rose Garden last year.
The China Post
· Indianapolis police to review training amid baton use probe  
Hogsett has imposed overnight curfews for Friday and Saturday nights.
The China Post
· Protest arrests logjam tests NYC legal system, bail reform  
So far, there have been well over 2,000 arrests in the past week as police sought to impose order across the city.
Al Jazeera
· Kenyan police 'killed 15' since start of coronavirus curfew  
Police in Kenya have reportedly been involved in the killing of 15 people since the government imposed in March a dusk-to-dawn curfew as part of a series of sweeping measures to combat the spread of novel coronavirus.
· A near-private encounter with 'Las Meninas' as Madrid's Prado reopens  
But as Spain progressively rolls back the mid-March restrictions imposed to slow the virus' spread, the museum is reopening with a limited capacity of only 1,800 people per day compared with 15,000 on peak days last year, director Miguel Falomir said.