Haberlerde Increase

Örnek kollokasyonlar

increase the number Sayıyı arttırmak
increase the risk Riski arttırmak
not increase Artış değil
order to increase Artırmak için sipariş
significant increase Önemli artış

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

· Supreme Court rejects challenge to coronavirus limits on church services  
The report, however, still recommended caution especially as travel increases.
· ‘Armed terrorists’ stage deadly attack on convoy of traders in Burkina Faso  
Increasing violence, poorly trained militaries
Malay Mail
· Philippines confirms eight more coronavirus deaths, 590 new cases  
In a bulletin, the ministry said total deaths have increased to 950 while confirmed cases have reached 17,224.
The Guardian
· Premier League clubs told depleted squads will not delay restart  
The injury count will probably start to decrease once more players regain full match fitness and some sort of normality returns, but experts always predicted a higher rate of injury in the first couple of weeks of the restart, and Germany bore that out with a threefold increase over the last fortnight.
The Independent
· Coronavirus will be catastrophic to Africa’s most vulnerable nations – we cannot leave these people behind  
As harvests and sales are disrupted, millions of families will lose their meager incomes, and the number of people suffering from malnutrition will significantly increase.
Seeking Alpha
· Low Growth Potential Of The Russian Market  
Of course, this will help other export-oriented companies increase their sales.
The Age
· Shift work and days at home on the cards to avoid public transport overcrowding  
Conversations have already begun between government agencies and major CBD employers that may lead to increased shiftwork and workers being asked to continue working from home on certain days.
The New York Times
· Live SpaceX NASA Launch Updates  
Following scenes of packed bridges on Wednesday, Mr. Walker said there will be increased law enforcement presence this weekend.
The Age
· Xerri passed six tests in year before positive result  
Based on those figures, ASADA's level of interest in Xerri increased in recent times.