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became independent Se independizó
independent candidate Candidato independiente
independent film Película independiente
independent record Registro independiente
independent record label Sello discográfico independiente

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The Independent
· France gives health workers €8bn in pay rises in response to coronavirus efforts  
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Malay Mail
· Coronavirus-related syndrome surfaces in older adults; stillbirths cause worry  
“Self-reported walking pace, a simple measure of functional fitness, appears to be a risk factor for severe Covid-19 that is independent of obesity,” the authors of the current study wrote in a paper posted on Saturday on medRxiv, ahead of peer review.
The New York Times
· The N.Y.P.D. Has Rejected Reform for Decades. It Can’t Anymore.  
For decades, the department has fiercely resisted, slow-walked, co-opted or simply blown past serious attempts at reform or independent oversight.
The Independent
· Britain’s inbound tourism faces winter after winter  
Much energy has been expended, including by the travel desk of The Independent, exploring the prospects for summer trips abroad for British holidaymakers.