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became independent Bağımsız oldu
independent candidate Bağımsız aday
independent film Bağımsız film
independent record Bağımsız kayıt
independent record label Bağımsız kayıt etiketi

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The Independent
· Coronavirus: Boris Johnson claims alert level allowed him to ease lockdown despite it stating 'current restrictions' must remain  
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The Independent
· George Floyd protests: Tory MP replies to constituent asking him to condemn Trump's actions, 'Arsonists and looters have it coming'  
The correspondence, seen by The Independent, went on: “I am sure you have been troubled as I have with the news and activities coming from the US amidst the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe.”  Copy example sentence
· Fires break out as thousands join anti-police violence protest in Paris  
The demonstration Tuesday was also triggered by an independent autopsy report that found Traoré had died from a tackle to the stomach during his arrest.  Copy example sentence