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Пример словосочетания

not indicate Не указывать
records indicate Записи указывают
sources indicate Источники указывают
studies indicate Исследования показывают
used to indicate Используется для указания

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The Age
· Summer schedule chaos: Adelaide in frame for Boxing Day Test amid Victoria virus fears  
Sources, however, have indicated players surveyed by the Australian Cricketers Association were in favour of entering hubs in order to fulfil domestic commitments.
Seeking Alpha
· Berkshire Hills Bancorp: Trading At Less Than 0.5X Tangible Book Value And A 9.6% Dividend Yield - A Red Flag?  
The core earnings came in at a loss of 13 cents per share, indicating the H1 2020 core net loss was approximately 20 cents per share.
Seeking Alpha
· Wells Fargo: This Big Cap Bank Can Double  
A price/book at this level might also indicate that, even if the business should recover like consensus expects over the medium term, material capital losses are possible in the short term.
· Satellites reveal hidden colonies of Emperor penguins  
A nearby penguin colony had increased in size, however, indicating that many of the Halley Bay birds had migrated to safer breeding conditions.
Seeking Alpha
· Intel Places Multi-Billion-Dollar Wafer Order At TSMC, Murthy Gone  
The company recently indicated it might vastly increase its use of foundries, perhaps even for its leading Core CPU products, most likely at TSMC (TSM).
The China Post
· Penguin poop spotted from space reveals hidden colonies  
Scientists used images from Europe’s Sentinel-2 satellite mission to look for smudges on the ice that indicated large amounts of guano, or penguin poop.
Seeking Alpha
· Nvidia: The Moment Of Truth  
This may not guarantee that Nvidia also posts similar growth numbers, but it at least goes to indicate that there’s isn’t major supply or demand-side shortfall as some might fear.
BBC Sport
· Ieuan Evans and Nigel Davies stand against Gareth Davies for WRU National Council  
Davies indicated he would only stand again for chairman if some continuity was required at the highest levels within the WRU.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Trump pushes school re-openings by insisting children 'virtually immune'  
Meanwhile, growing evidence indicates young people do, in fact, suffer from severe cases of Covid-19, with some survivors reporting extensive complications that have lasted far longer than the typical two-week window in which many patients show signs of infection.
Malay Mail
· False claims? You took LGBTQ conversion therapy tweets out of context, groups tell Jakim  
It also noted that reports had indicated that Malaysia was seen as a country in support of other practices, among them include exorcism.