“Inequality” in the news

Example collocations

economic inequality
gender inequality
income inequality
inequality between
social inequality

Publications and example sentences

· As Kansas Republicans squabble in Senate primary, Democrat pitches herself a 'sensible centrist'  
Besides discussing Floyd’s death, they also spoke about the persistent inequalities in the U.S. that have been exposed to a greater degree as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
· Red Cross seeks US$3.2 billion to fight COVID-19 'crisis on crisis'  
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement said the COVID-19 pandemic had amplified inequalities in society, destabilised communities and reversed development gains made in the past decade.
The New York Times
· The N+1 Candidate  
Now that the pandemic has caused unemployment on a scale not seen since the Great Depression and has deepened pre-existing inequalities, Mr. Saval feels his platform has grown even more germane.
The China Post
· Amid virus lockdown, radio lessons return in Latin America  
“Education inequalities were already enormous before the pandemic,” said Costin, who mentors dozens of education officials about remote instruction during the pandemic.
The Age
· Time for a new social contract  
The pandemic has exposed growing inequalities in the workplace between those workerswho qualify for wage support and those who do not.
The Age
· Australia's $4b aid program refocused to deal with COVID-19 recovery  
The Australian government is concerned the pandemic will throw millions out of work, make economic and gender inequality worse, encourage criminal activity and spur irregular migration.
The Atlantic
· A Cruel Summer for America’s Young  
More broadly, public-policy experts worry that this idle summer will widen existing inequalities.
The Guardian
· As 100,000 die, the virus lays bare America's brutal fault lines – race, gender, poverty and broken politics  
“The virus encounters deeply racist structures and institutions already in place, against the backdrop of wealth inequality, a militarized state and a commodified culture in which everybody and everything is for sale,” he said.
The Atlantic
· The Coming Setback for Women in the Workplace  
“But at the same time what we’re still hiding is a form of inequality, because it’s not true that ultimately we’ve reached our objective … We’ve earned the freedom to have children and a successful career, but it’s still us doing a lot of the housework and cooking and cleaning.”
The Independent
· World Hunger Day 2020: When is it and how can you get involved?  
You can also choose to specifically provide support in your home country, in order to “invest in people around the world working to sustainably end hunger, poverty, and gender inequality”.