Haberlerde Inequality

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economic inequality Ekonomik eşitsizlik
gender inequality Cinsiyet eşitsizliği
income inequality Gelir eşitsizliği
inequality between Arasındaki eşitsizlik
social inequality Sosyal eşitsizlik

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The Guardian
· Pushing poor people into bad work: how British jobcentres operate  
Covid-19 has magnified a social crisis centred on low pay and insecure work, an enduring housing crisis and inequality that defines millions of people’s everyday experience.
· Md. Gov. Hogan on school reopening: 'We're not going to be rushed into this'  
Where Trump vowed four years ago to “Make America Great Again,” a slogan that proved successful in swing counties like nearby Luzerne County that saw one of the biggest flips in the country from President Barack Obama to Trump, Biden’s team is billing his agenda as designed to “Build Back Better,” by prioritizing small business workers and addressing ongoing inequalities that prevent minorities from reaching a fair economic playing field.
The Guardian
· Britain had a chance to talk about race 20 years ago. Let's get it right this time  
The Black Lives Matter movement has cut through to the mainstream and dovetailed with the racial and ethnic disproportionalities reflected in Covid-19 mortality rates, and the wider inequalities these lay bare.
The Guardian
· Anne Applebaum: how my old friends paved the way for Trump and Brexit  
The left says austerity and inequality caused Brexit and Trump, proving they had always been right to oppose austerity and inequality.
The Guardian
· The summer of stress – how to cope with fear and uncertainty in a pandemic  
Although the pandemic has heightened inequalities, with some people more exposed than others to, say, financial stress, we are going through a collective trauma.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Surge, Roger Stone, Summer Gardens: Your Weekend Briefing  
In Her Words, our gender newsletter, is spending a week exploring inequalities faced by women in the U.S. You can join the program here.
· John Wayne exhibition REMOVED after protestors launch anti-racism campaign - son hits out  
Now, the School of Cinematic Arts is planning to remove the exhibition in light of the recent protests against racial inequality.
The Guardian
· The simplest way to close the racial wealth gap? Direct cash payments  
As we work to reverse inequality by lifting up the bottom, we should also put some pressure on the very top, where an astounding share of resources are concentrated.
The Guardian
· As Colston’s statue lies forlorn in a lock-up, Bristol is working out what its toppling means  
A new disease forced us to confront society’s oldest maladies – inequality and racism.
The China Post
· Popovich had reservations, but Spurs coach ready for restart  
That doesn’t mean he didn’t have reservations about being part of the NBA restart, given the ongoing issues of racial strife, social inequality and the coronavirus pandemic.