Haberlerde Inequality

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economic inequality Ekonomik eşitsizlik
gender inequality Cinsiyet eşitsizliği
income inequality Gelir eşitsizliği
inequality between Arasındaki eşitsizlik
social inequality Sosyal eşitsizlik

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The Independent
· Women doctors not able to fight coronavirus crisis due to lack of childcare, BMA warns  
She raised concerns around how doctors will fare if early-years childcare providers go out of business because of coronavirus upheaval, adding that this could widen existing gender inequalities in the medical profession.
The New York Times
· Reopening, Child Hunger, J.K. Rowling: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing  
The pandemic has laid bare the country’s deep inequalities.
The New York Times
· Will the Coronavirus Kill College Admissions Tests?  
Fixing standardized testing treats only the symptoms of educational inequality, wrote Andre M. Perry for Brookings last year.
· For Eric Garner's mom, video of man pleading 'I can't breathe' to police is 'reoccurring nightmare'  
Erik Ortiz is a staff writer for NBC News focusing on racial injustice and social inequality.
The Guardian
· Vicar's query over lockdown travel fines challenges Hancock  
The Reverend Martin Poole, a Church of England vicar, said he challenged Hancock at the Downing Street press briefing after feeling compelled to expose the inequality he believed the Dominic Cummings case revealed.
· FX's Jane Roe deathbed confession reveals the abortion lie at the heart of the religious right  
And you can call the politicians benefitting from those votes “pro-family,” even as they promote social and economic policies that intensify inequality, hollow out public goods like health care and education, and make it so hard for working families to succeed.
· Robert Frank’s radical idea  
But for that very reason, the book is extraordinarily timely: It’s an effort to show that the economics of social contagion could reshape the world, solving our hardest problems — from climate change to income inequality — and offering new ways to think about the power we have as individuals.
The Independent
· G20 urged to make ‘green recovery’ from coronavirus pandemic by global health community  
The layers of this ongoing tragedy are many, and magnified by inequality and underinvestment in public health systems.
The Guardian
· Let’s set out a better vision for Britain’s future  
The second is to set out the parameters for the kind of society we need immediately after the next election, to deal with the injustices and inequalities that the crisis has laid bare.
The New York Times
· Inequality in America: Finding Answers  
And as inequality widens, the richer have more power to demand and get systemic changes in laws governing taxes, antitrust, bankruptcy, labor law, intellectual property, finance, and bailouts and subsidies.