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The New York Times
· Want to Abolish the Police? Consider Becoming an Officer Instead  
My students, mostly progressive, ask me whether there’s anything they can do to help solve some of the serious problems that exist in policing, such as racial inequities in the use of force, the overpolicing of minority neighborhoods and rogue officers who lie to justify arrests.
Washington Post
· As coronavirus ravaged meatpackers, minorities bore the brunt. Now worker groups say Tyson and JBS violated the Civil Rights Act.  
Blacks and Latinos are at higher risk of contracting the virus, and also more likely to suffer seriously from the illness than white people because of social inequities.
Washington Post
· Washington’s NFL team is finally rid of its racist name — 50 years late  
His turnaround — or what the New York Times characterized as his “grudging acceptance” — in the space of a few weeks was the result of the nation’s dramatic awakening about racism and all its inequities after the killing of George Floyd.
· Eva Longoria, Latinos rally to erase inequities as coronavirus devastates Hispanics  
Actor and philanthropist Eva Longoria Bastón is leading an array of influential Latinos to marshal their clout and the voices of the nation's second largest population group in a quest to erase inequities that have made the impact of COVID-19 more devastating on Hispanics.
The New York Times
· He Beat Trump and Weinstein. Why Is This D.A.’s Standing Still Shaky?  
But he has maintained in recent days that he is focused on getting his office through the coronavirus pandemic, cutting down a backlog of cases that had built up in the months the courts slowed down, and — in response to the protests after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis — addressing inequities within the criminal justice system.
· As the debate heats up around reopening schools, 5 critical pieces of advice for parents  
The inequities and contradictions in the American economy that the pandemic has laid bare (a “healthy” stock market while nearly 50 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits) will continue to loom large, with public-school feeding sites continuing to play the role of safety-net for hungry families.
· 'Strike for Black Lives' to highlight racism  
Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, a strike organizer with the Movement for Black Lives, said corporate giants that have come out in support of the BLM movement amid nationwide protests over police brutality have also profited from racial injustice and inequity.
Washington Post
· Norfolk Del. Jay Jones announces bid for Democratic nomination for Virginia attorney general  
Jones, who is black, framed his bid as the culmination of a civil rights journey, at a time when Virginia is taking down Confederate monuments and wrestling with how to address racial inequity.
The Wall Street Journal
· Demand for Chief Diversity Officers Is High. So Is Turnover.  
U.S. companies are rushing to hire chief diversity officers or elevate existing leaders to the position in the midst of pressure to address racial divisions and inequities within their organizations.
Washington Post
· Lessons for sustaining black businesses after a crisis  
Alone, the goodwill of companies or individuals cannot solve our deep societal inequities; we need systemic solutions for systemic racism.