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great influence
major influence
political influence
significant influence
strong influence

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Financial Express
· Journey of Climate Change: Impact on human health  
If true, this would show that non-industrialized societies could have a role in influencing regional climate.
The Age
· Australia needs to take leadership role in face of US-China contest: Wong  
Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman, Penny Wong, has sounded the alarm about China's growing influence over global bodies and potential ambitions to remake them to suit the interests of authoritarian states.
Sports Illustrated
· Opinion: A New Dawn at Manchester United. How Life Has Changed in Six Months. Now is the Time to Close the Gap.  
Although the words coming out of Old Trafford suggest the Coronavirus pandemic will influence their transfer activity, arguably, there has been no better time to capitalise on the market.
Bleacher Report
· Dual Champ and 2020 MVP Keith Lee Conquers WWE NXT with Main Roster in His Sight  
Terry Taylor, Triple H, Matt Bloom, Road Dogg, Norman Smiley and Scotty 2 Hotty have all been positive influences during his time in NXT, but one person he feels he doesn't give enough credit to for the amount of advice he's bestowed upon him since his early days is The Undertaker.
Washington Post
· Swedish ex-envoy acquitted of planning illegal China meeting  
The prosecution had alleged that China wanted to curtail Sweden’s democratic freedoms by trying to influence Angela Gui, the daughter of publisher Gui Minhai, to stop criticizing how China handled the case concerning her father.
The Independent
· Outdoor pools: Everything you need to swim outside as they reopen  
We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections.
The Independent
· Boris Johnson moves to ban junk food discount deals to fight obesity  
“Advertising influences how much children eat – we need restrictions on promotions and advertising.”
Financial Express
· Working in post-pandemic era: Internet and Social Media to be major area of focus  
In years to come, It will serve as an incredibly precise case study in the ways the public and businesses alike respond to such an unprecedented global event, and how those responses on a public platform influence not just the actions of individuals, but of corporations and governments.
Washington Post
· For die-hard Redskins fans, name review brings a mix of anger, sadness and relief  
In 2005, the American Psychological Association denounced Native American mascots, concluding that any stereotype, even a positive one, negatively influenced self-perception.