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great influence Büyük etki
major influence Büyük etki
political influence Politik etki
significant influence Önemli etki
strong influence Güçlü etki

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· Accused murderers allegedly used drugs with teen before fatal fall  
His friend is understood to have passed out under the influence of the drugs.
The New York Times
· Oil-Starved Venezuela Celebrates Arrival of Tankers From Iran  
“It’s striking that the Iranians feel confident enough that the Trump administration is not going to get in their way,” Ms. Grais-Targow said, “and is willing to take this risk and come into what is traditionally thought of as the U.S. sphere of influence.”
The New York Times
· Eddie Sutton, 84, Winning Basketball Coach at Four Schools, Dies  
He pleaded no contest to driving under the influence, took a medical leave, resigned in May and was succeeded by his son Sean, who had been an assistant coach.
· Commentary: The US dollar's supremacy is waning. So will America’s influence  
That, in turn, will have far-reaching implications for America’s influence in the world and, ultimately, for the US-led post-war international order.
Yonhap News
· (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on May 26)  
He may also intend to influence the November U.S. election against Trump.
Malay Mail
· To consumers, Malaysia’s CPI deflation a sign of pandemic hardship  
But whether or not the unemployment rate could have significantly influenced the drop in consumer prices is not absolutely clear.
The New York Times
· Richard Anuszkiewicz, Whose Op Art Caught Eyes in the ’60s, Dies at 89  
At the time, he was painting spare realist scenes of Midwestern life, influenced by artists like Charles Burchfield.
Seeking Alpha
· The Week Ahead, S&P 500 Futures Are Up +1% And Poised To Reach 3,000  
I have seen this movie before, where the US markets are closed, and our futures are influenced by Asia and Europe only to have a paradoxical effect on our markets the next day.
The Diplomat
· India’s Leadership in the WHO: What To (and What Not To) Expect  
The expanding influence of India in the WHO and other multilateral international organizations not only reflects the implementation of the Modi government’s more ambitious foreign policy approach, but also makes India a potential partner for Western countries seeking to counter China’s growing influence on major global intergovernmental organizations (IGOs).
Al Jazeera
· Dominic Cummings fuels British anger after flouting lockdown  
Later reporting unearthed that Cummings' uncle was gravely ill, though on Monday he denied that had any influence on his actions.