“Injure” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Appeals Court Blocks White House From Suspending Reporter’s Press Pass  
Mr. Karem celebrated the ruling by pointing toward broader press freedom issues in an era when the president has frequently deemed journalists “the enemy of the people” and reporters have been injured while covering the nationwide demonstrations against police brutality after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.
Sports Illustrated
· Holder and Boynton are "Mad as %#^& and they aren't going to take it"  
In know, before somebody texts me or responds to this story that nobody tested positive for COVID-19 or was injured in some way.
The Independent
· Man who charged protesters with ‘wolverine’ knife claw arrested for attempted murder  
“In a burst of anger and rage, this defendant allegedly sought to kill protesters who were peacefully assembled and exercising their right to free speech,” Ms Katz said, adding that it was “amazing” no one was injured.
· 8 Can’t Wait, explained  
An officer whose use of force is within the guidelines is operating “by the book” and won't get in trouble even if he seriously injures a suspect or a bystander.
Bleacher Report
· Brock Lesnar's Reported Return, MVP's WWE Status and Jinder Mahal Injury Update  
Mahal had the makings of a solid midcard heel on Raw, but now that he is on the injured list again, WWE will look for someone else to step up in his absence.
The New York Times
· ‘Kettling’ of Peaceful Protesters Shows Aggressive Shift by N.Y. Police  
But he also said the anti-police rhetoric of the protesters and some elected officials who support them was putting officers in danger and he pointed to numerous instances in which the police had been injured with flying debris.
The New York Times
· The Championship Goes to … The Team with the Second-Most Points  
Two players, Julian Weigl and Andrija Zivkovic, were slightly injured by the broken glass.
The Independent
· 'Are you serious? I'm working!': Cops arrest essential workers alongside protestors as calls grow to end NYC curfew  
I was walking backwards as they shouted ‘back up.’ And then this cop pushed me, and there were other cops hitting me on my legs and stuff too, but my head is the only thing that got seriously injured.”
BBC Sport
· Manchester United legend Matt Busby - in his own words  
Seriously injured, he has the last rites administered twice in hospital.
Sports Illustrated
· Marcell Ozuna injured with a soap dish  
Andy Slater, a talk show host on Fox Sports 640 in Miami, reported Friday that Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna was injured in an incident with his wife.